Do you need a media kit?  A blog header, button or other graphic?  Maybe you are hosting a special event and need a button?  I can help!

Media Kits

A media kit is a valuable tool for your website.  It lets potential advertisers know what you are about and lets your stats be at their fingertips.  I would be happy to create your media kit for you.  Personalized with your choice of graphics and information.  I will work with you to create something unique and informative.

I charge $20.00 for an original media kit.  I can update an existing kit for $5.00.

Blog Graphics

I can create you a custom header and/or button for your blog or website.

I charge $20.00 for a header/button combo.  $15.00 for header only and $5.00 for button only.

Header Samples:


Sample Buttons:

Custom Social Icons:

Blog Design

I would be happy to help you stylize your WordPress blog.  I will create your headers, buttons and other matching graphics.  I will code your CSS Style sheets to match with colors and backgrounds of your choice.  I do NOT do custom functions or HTML.  I do not do major changes to the theme’s themselves and you must already have your basic theme in place.  I only do “window dressing.”

I charge $75.00 to dress up your blog.

Websites I’ve designed:

Bob the Wizard

WebHost Technologies

(and my own)

All fees are payable at time of service via paypal.  Once contracted I will give you my paypal address.

Contact me and lets get started!