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Rhea’s No-Poo Experiment: Week 2

You will be happy to know, that I have not caved in yet.  Go me!  And, more importantly, I don’t think my hair is doing all that bad. I colored it this week (did you notice?).  I think that threw it for a loop.  But I...

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Rhea’s No-Poo Experiment: Week 1

I made it through one whole week of my No-Poo experiment.  YAY me! Honestly, it wasn’t that hard.  My hair didn’t freak out.  I don’t even think it got overly greasy.  Now on Friday my mom did mention that my...

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Rhea’s No-Poo Experiment

I really do believe the boys have finally driven me insane.  I mean, why else would I even be contemplating this? And by “this,” I mean going “no-poo.” What is “no-poo” you ask?  Well,...

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