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Recipe: Ginger Lime Chicken


I love to cook but do not claim to be a great chef.  Nor, am I a very good food photographer.  BUT...I can follow a recipe like nobody's business and sometimes, I can even tweek an existing recipe to suit my own Paleo needs.  And that's what I did with this Ginger-Lime Marinade. It was … [Read more...]

Recipe: Delicious Paleo Meatballs


mmmmmmm......meatballs! Who doesn't love meatballs?  My boys would eat meatballs everyday if I had the energy to roll the suckers that often.  The beauty of meatballs is that you really cannot screw them up...too much.  Toss in some spices, onion, garlic, maybe a hidden veggie and viola!  … [Read more...]

Recipe: Paleo Pancakes


People think that by adapting a Paleo way of eating that they have to give up all the foods that they used to love.  Well, that's just NOT TRUE!  Of course, you have to find ways to adjust recipes to make them healthy, but it can be done with most things.  I've made banana ice cream, buffalo chicken … [Read more...]

Paleo No-Bean Chili Recipe


I LOVE CHILI!  It's one of my very favorite foods, especially during the winter.  It warm, comforting goodness just makes my heart happy.   Add in a dollop of sour cream and some cheddar cheese and my heart swoons. I know I'm weird.  Go with it. Anyhow, chili is one of those recipes I hadn't … [Read more...]

Sugar Detox Day 9: Easy Chicken Curry Recipe


I asked on my Facebook page if anyone had seen a purple bell pepper because I never had until I picked this gem up at Jimbo's.  Isn't it pretty?  I think I instantly liked it just because it happened to be my most favorite color ever.  Now, I am regretting not buying more than one because it was … [Read more...]