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Wordless Wednesday – Face Swap

    Have you seen the “Face Swap” app for iPhone?  It is freaking HILARIOUS.  The boys and I laugh and laugh at all the creations we get and they never seem to tire of trying to make the silliest faces. ...

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Five Things No One Knows About Me

Happy Saturday!  This weeks Monday Mojo writing prompt asked what are “five things nobody knows about you.”   Hhhmmmmm….. I realize I’m nearly a week late with my Monday Mojo post, but it wasn’t so...

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Surrogate Mothers

In case you missed it, there is this new “meme” floating around Facebook and Pinterest (and probably Stumble, too).  It was obvious to me that one needed to be done about surrogate mothers. It is crazy the different...

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Children and Religion

I turned on the Western Republican Debate tonight and Anthony was asking me about it.  The conversation started out talking politics but then the candidates turned to  the subject of religion in office and Anthony asked if one...

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Tattoo Eye Candy

I love tattoo’s!  I think so many of them are just beautiful.  Of course, many of them are not and I love looking through the tattoo fail blog every day laughing at what those  people were thinking.  But more often than...

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Douche Canoe of the Week

Congressman Anthony Weiner gets the esteemed honor of getting my very first douche canoe award.  Isn’t that special? I mean, if anyone out there can be called a douche this week, it’s him.  What kind of...

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