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Paleo No-Bean Chili Recipe

I LOVE CHILI!  It’s one of my very favorite foods, especially during the winter.  It warm, comforting goodness just makes my heart happy.   Add in a dollop of sour cream and some cheddar cheese and my heart swoons. I know...

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Paleo- Style Buffalo Chicken Strips

When I first started looking for paleo recipes I came across this one from Primal Palate.  In fact, I think it was the very first recipe I ever pinned, so I’ve had my eye on it for a while.  Well, this past week I tried...

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Bacon Wrapped Chicken Fingers

Probably the best thing about eating a Paleo “diet” is all of the bacon!  Seriously, bacon is awesome and adds so much flavor to food, and, according to many, bacon is actually pretty good for you.   One day, I was...

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Recipe: White Bean and Chicken Soup

I stopped at the store one day on my way to work to pick up something for lunch.  I was in the middle of my 21 Day Sugar Detox so picking something from the “quick fixings” deli counter was difficult.  I’ve...

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Recipe: Cauliflower-Cheddar Soup

I love Fall.  I love everything about Halloween and Thanksgiving and then knowing that Christmas is right around the corner makes me giggle.  I love when the weather gets cool (of course, it’s all relative being in...

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Chocolate Pie Recipe by Amanda

Like Rhea, I love to cook. OK, so she bakes. Potato, potahto. I bake too, but I MUST have a recipe, and none of that fancy fondant stuff she does. I must prefer to cook where I can add a dash of this, a hand full of that, and it...

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