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Chocolate Pie Recipe by Amanda

Like Rhea, I love to cook. OK, so she bakes. Potato, potahto. I bake too, but I MUST have a recipe, and none of that fancy fondant stuff she does. I must prefer to cook where I can add a dash of this, a hand full of that, and it...

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Sugar Free Cake

I just made my dad a sugar-free chocolate cake with sugar-free Swiss Meringue buttercream frosting.  I am quite shocked that it actually worked!  Oh Yeah!  Recipes coming soon…

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How to Make Pretty Swirly Cupcake Icing

I called my aunt today to find out what she needed me to bring to her Easter party and egg hunt Saturday.  She asked if I could bring dessert and I happily obliged.  I mean, dessert is kinda my thang, right?  Right.  I...

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A St. Patrick’s Day Treat For You!

I realized just this afternoon that tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day.  I guess with all the delousing going on around here, it just slipped my mind.  But being the most amazing awesome mom ever, I thought quick of something...

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Easter Meringue Cookies

I don’t really get into religion at all here.  I feel it’s personal and there is nothing I can say that will ever change your mind about your own beliefs…so I don’t bother.  But with Easter approaching, I...

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