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Recipe: White Bean and Chicken Soup

I stopped at the store one day on my way to work to pick up something for lunch.  I was in the middle of my 21 Day Sugar Detox so picking something from the “quick fixings” deli counter was difficult.  I’ve...

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Recipe: Cauliflower-Cheddar Soup

I love Fall.  I love everything about Halloween and Thanksgiving and then knowing that Christmas is right around the corner makes me giggle.  I love when the weather gets cool (of course, it’s all relative being in...

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Chocolate French Toast {Recipe}

mmmmmmmmmmmmm…I LOVE french toast.  Like really, really love it.  It’s probably my all time favorite breakfast food.  It probably explains why my ass is so big.  So when I stumbled into Sprinkle Bakes Chocolate...

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Recipe: Potato Taco’s

Potato Taco’s are probably one of my very favorite foods to eat.  They are so delicious, an ultimate comfort food (fried starch!) and it doesn’t hurt that they are mega cheap to make.  I almost always have...

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My Favorite Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

Several years ago (maybe 4) I was watching the Today Show (which I love) and they had a chef on there sharing Thanksgiving recipes.  I was 30ish years old and up until then, I had NEVER cooked a turkey, Thanksgiving or...

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Buttered Hot Dogs

So I guess it’s not really a “recipe” per se, but more of a method of cooking. Have you ever pan fried up your hot dogs in butter?  It’s SO good and this usual, “can’t eat hot dogs cuz they...

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Beer Braised Beef and Onions

I came across this recipe in a Gourmet Magazine.  My mom bought me the magazine because it had lots of great looking bread recipes (and I love to make bread).  But flipping through I came across an intriguing roast recipe.  It...

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