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Life Changing

Would you sell off most everything you own and move into an RV with your family?  That is the conversation that has been happening in my household for a few weeks now.  I am SO flipping excited at the prospect of simplifying my life (getting rid of 1600 sqft of crap clutter), packing up and […]

Everyday Oils: Lavender Essential Oil

I started using Young Living Essential Oils a few months ago and decided that it was a good idea to share with you my favorite uses from the Everyday Oils collection which is what you can get when you sign up as a member of Young Living.  This way, you will know what all can […]

Review: ScoreBig Ticket Discounts

San Diego’s Petco Park is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary this year.  I was so surprised that it has already been around for so long.  And you know what?  I have NEVER been to a Padre’s game there!  Bob and I have always talked about going and wanting to take the boys to a game, it’s […]

Cleaning Your Oven With No Harmful Chemicals

Holy Heck Ya’ll!  I royally impressed myself tonight and I couldn’t wait to share. I couple months ago I signed up with Young Living Essential Oils because I really wanted to experience all the “oil hype” for myself.  I was excited to try out various blends on my kids and on my oldest’s ADHD (quickly […]

Anyone Out There?

I haven’t posted since January, which in bloggy land is an ETERNITY.  I wonder if anyone even checks anymore? I’m feeling sad today.  I had what I thought was a great job and today I lost it.  It had been coming.  I had seen the signs.  But I am not that person…the one that loses […]

Happiest Of Birthdays!

My dearest Beasty, Isn’t it about time you changed the password on your little ‘ol blog? Although I’m quite glad you haven’t because it means I get to log in and wish you a happy birthday here. PS: You haven’t posted in a while, you should get on that. 😉 Looking through your archives, I […]

Happy New Year!

Yea, I realize that January is almost over, get over it. I’ve had this post in my queue for weeks.  I’ve rewritten it 4-5 times.   It started out as a Paleo post, then an “embrace the fat girl” post and then a “I’m trying essential oils” post.  I know, I’m a freak.  I can’t help […]

GIVEAWAY: Get Holiday Stress Relief at Total Woman Gym!

  As I’m writing this it’s TWO weeks until Christmas! YAY! or EEEK! I don’t know which one you fall under…I am under the “YAY” camp, but even though I am excited about the holiday, there is always stress. Will we have enough money to buy everything? Where are we eating dinner on Christmas? Your […]

Our First North Pole Breakfast

This morning we had our first ever North Pole Breakfast.  What is a North Pole Breakfast, you ask?  Well it’s only the cutest in new holiday tradition rounding the interwebs.  Just do a quick search of North Pole Breakfast on Pinterest and you’ll see what I mean! In a nutshell, it’s a special breakfast to […]

The New 21 Day Sugar Detox BOOK! {Review}

If you’ve been around these parts any length of time then you know I’ve successfully completed the 21 Day Sugar Detox once.  I’ve attempted it a few times…but only finished the full three weeks one time.  That’s because it isn’t easy! I first stumbled upon the detox when I was looking into how to change […]