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Children and Religion

I turned on the Western Republican Debate tonight and Anthony was asking me about it.  The conversation started out talking politics but then the candidates turned to  the subject of religion in office and Anthony asked if one of the people was a Jehovah’s Witness.  I told him, “no…where did you hear about them?”  It […]

Feeding the Giraffes

Kids are FREE at the San Diego Zoo for the month of October.  So my mom and I took them down this past weekend.  We had THE MOST fun!  Something new that they are offering is the chance to feed the giraffes.  For $5.00 you get 3 biscuits (they look like dog treats!).  We spent […]

Star Wars Birthday Cake

This Star Wars Death Star cake was a lot harder to execute than I had anticipated. I had SUCH a difficult time making the fondant.  I think it might have been the rainy weather.  It was too dry, then it was too sticky.  Then I added some Crisco and it was a globby mess.  I […]

Wordless Wednesday – Chirp Chirp Yum!

Wordless Wednesday – Peek a Boo!


And They’re Off!

All three of my boys went to school today.  *sniff*  I’ve been really conflicted about sending them to school and not continuing to homeschool, but the smiles and excitement on their face made it all worth while. My big boy going off to second grade!  When did that happen? And sending TWO little boys off […]

What is With the Stigma Around ADHD?

My son was diagnosed with ADHD by his doctor when he was five years old.  He will be seven next month.  I had a really hard time with the diagnosis.  I cried for him.  I didn’t want him to be different.  I didn’t want him to be labeled.  My sweet, brilliant and full of life […]

Did Our Pool Shrink?

Magic Eight Ball Predictions

Anthony insisted on a Magic Eight Ball from the store.  On the way home, he asked it all kinds of questions. Anthony:  “Magic eight ball, will I ever live in a house all by myself with nobody taking care of me?” M8B:  “My sources say no.” Screw you, Magic Eight Ball.  Screw you.

Wordless Wednesday: Anthony and Bob