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DIY Minecraft Birthday Party

Our Twins turned eight years old this year and like 98% of other eight year old boys in this country, they insisted on having a Minecraft Birthday Party.   Unfortunately, Minecraft Birthday Supplies do NOT exist in the party...

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Disneyland Surprise!

My sweet babies turned SIX years old this past week and I can’t believe how big they are getting.  They are turning into little men right before my very eyes.  We had decided to surprise the boys with a day trip to...

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I Have Five Year Olds!

I can NOT believe my BABIES are FIVE!  Where has the time gone?  How did they get so big?  How do two little humans drive me so bat shit crazy and yet I love them with all of my soul?  It’s weird isn’t it?  This...

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Birthday Baking

Operation Birthday Baking has commenced!  The twins want a Mario & Sonic themed party so that is what I’m trying to give them.  Sugar cookie dough is in the fridge chilling so I can attempt to cut out Mario & Sonic...

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Birthday Lunch With The Mother’s!

One day, my mom and I were in Old Town with the boys looking for ghosts at the Whaley House.  We were wandering around the grounds and happened to actually look into the row of buildings along the right side walkway.  I had just...

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Happy Birthday, Beasty!

Excuse the title, Rhea thought that was all I was going to put in this post. Oh do I ever have news for you! My name is Cheryl and I’m hijacking Rhea’s blog. Just for a second. I know she’s linked to me before...

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