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{Giveaway} The BEST Holiday Gift is WINE!(CLOSED)

Gosh, I haven’t done a wine review post in a while now, have I?  I’ve picked up a few bottles here and there but just haven’t gotten my reviews to you.  I’m a bad wino.  But, today, I have something worth sharing and it’s VERY exciting! I am being given the chance to experience a […]

Enough with the Whine, Bring on the Wine! {Week 10}

You really need to check out Heather’s BC Okanagan Winery Red Rooster Reisling review.  It’s all about naked men and banana noses…I wasn’t sure if she was talking about wine or what? We really are having way too much fun with our wine reviews, just a little too much wine makes these momma’s slap happy.  […]

Enough with the Whine! Bring on the Wine! {Week 9}

This is my week to share a bottle of wine and in the quest for a funky and uniquely named bottle, I decided to try a Menage a’ Trois California Red.  I was really on the ball this round because I actually purchased and drank this bottle about 2 weeks ago.  Go me! Menage a […]

Enough With The Whine, Bring On The Wine! {Week 6}

I am late.  There is a very long explanation as to why I’m late with my wine review post, but I’ll spare you and just say, I forgot that it was my turn this weekend.  How or why I could forget that it was my turn to drink is beyond me, but it happened.  So […]

Enough With The Whine! Bring On The Wine! {Week 3}

It’s finally my turn to drink! If you’re slow on the uptake, Heather, Cheryl and I are doing real mom wine reviews on a rotating basis. Every Saturday we will bring you our thoughts on a new bottle. Last week, Cheryl reviewed a Generation Seven White and the debut post was done by Heather with […]