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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

It is 26 degrees outside in my fine SoCal town, and while I know Jack is pretty familiar with the cooler temps (you know, since he’s from the North Pole and all), we found him snuggled up inside our doggie’s stocking...

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Kiss Kiss

Jack was hanging out on our mistletoe today.  I think he might be a little voyeur… (sorry for the grainy phone picture.  This “real” job is totally cutting into my blogging time! ...

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Underwear Thief

Apparently, we didn’t put enough quality decorations on our tree because Jack decided to add some of his own. *snort* Where was your elf...

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Elf in Space

My husband has been collecting Star Trek ornaments for as long as they’ve been making Star Trek ornaments.  He has many of them.  This year, we have a small tree and we didn’t have room to put all of the special...

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Eye See You

Jack seemed to have trouble with his landing last night… Where was your Elf today?  Share your stories on my linkie!  (click...

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Flying Elves!

Is it “flying elves” or “flying elf’s?”  I always confuse myself.  It’s only one flying elf, not more than one flying elves….right? Either way….Jack was flying high today when the...

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It took the little boys a bit longer to find Jack this morning because he hid himself in the array of stuffed holiday characters on our fireplace hearth.  But there he is, bring a special message: ...

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Welcome Back Jack!

Jack Andrew Smitty arrived last night and I was woken up by loud “whispers” saying “mom!  Jack is in our bathroom!”  Gabriel was SO EXCITED!  Until… Jack took position on top of the medicine cabinet...

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24 Days of Elf on the Shelf Antics

We love having our very own Elf on the Shelf and I’ve talked about it before.  It is a really special way to bring Christmas magic into the boys’ day for the whole month of December.  Since my latest Pinterest...

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Elf on the Shelf Antics!

Two years ago we welcomed our very own Scout Elf, Jack Andrew Smitty, into the family.  Our Elf on the Shelf has been a lot of fun and the boys love to see him show up.  We are currently waiting for our Jack to arrive (should be...

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Please Welcome Jack Andrew Smitty

Have you heard about the Elf on the Shelf? It’s a holiday game/tradition that stars a “Scout Elf.”  The Scout is dispatched to childrens homes and every night he/she reports back to Santa Claus.  He can report...

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