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We’ve Been TP’d!


Jack seems obsessed with our tree because he "helped decorate" it again last night.  This time though he got himself tangled up in some toilet paper. … [Read more...]

Baby, It’s Cold Outside


It is 26 degrees outside in my fine SoCal town, and while I know Jack is pretty familiar with the cooler temps (you know, since he's from the North Pole and all), we found him snuggled up inside our doggie's stocking this morning.    He sure looks toasty! Where was your elf today? … [Read more...]

Kiss Kiss


Jack was hanging out on our mistletoe today.  I think he might be a little voyeur... (sorry for the grainy phone picture.  This "real" job is totally cutting into my blogging time!  eek!) … [Read more...]

Underwear Thief


Apparently, we didn't put enough quality decorations on our tree because Jack decided to add some of his own. *snort* Where was your elf today? … [Read more...]

Elf in Space


My husband has been collecting Star Trek ornaments for as long as they've been making Star Trek ornaments.  He has many of them.  This year, we have a small tree and we didn't have room to put all of the special ornaments up, so we improvised!  Bob strung a line of white lights across the front of … [Read more...]