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Wordless Wednesday – October First?

To say the boys are ready for Halloween would be an understatement!

Coppin’ A Squat

I just love the face he is making while he sits on what once was the “toilet” on the Star of India.  Must be a boy thing….

Wordless Wednesday: Birdhead

Disneyland Surprise!

My sweet babies turned SIX years old this past week and I can’t believe how big they are getting.  They are turning into little men right before my very eyes.  We had decided to surprise the boys with a day trip to Disneyland (a huge advantage of living only 2 hours away from the house […]

Wordless Wednesday – Six Year Olds!

Happy Birthday Nathan and Gabriel!  My life wouldn’t be complete without you.  <3

Photobombed By a Five Year Old

Wordless Wednesday: I’m Awesome, Too

This is Day 4 of my Project 365.  I told Gabe:  “You’re a cute kid” and he replied: “and I’m awesome, too.”  I just can’t argue there!

What Did You Get For Christmas?

This was a really great Christmas for us!  I know I’ve complained a lot about the trials of starting this new job, but getting that first paycheck on the Thursday before Christmas was a LIFESAVER!  I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun Christmas shopping having that disposable money to spend and knowing that […]

Wordless Wednesday – Lorikeet Landing

Gabe’s Boom Boom Pow