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Wordless Wednesday – Happy Halloween!

How To Make a Scarecrow

Gabriel thinks I am the coolest mom ever right now.  All because I helped him to make a scarecrow.  Really…it’s SO easy.  You can make one, too. Supplies: Old jeans/pants Long sleeve shirt (western style, plaid, flannels all work really well) newspaper String, twine, raffia, twist ties…whatever to tie off the ends and attach the […]

I Want a Pumpkin Like That!

I don’t have the patience to carve a cool pumpkin.  I always have big ideas and aspirations and once I’m done scooping guts, I’m done.  That’s enough effort for me.  But take a look at what these people have done to create some cool pumpkin carvings! It’s a Mario Pumpkin!  We LOVE Mario!  {via} This […]

Fun Halloween Recipes!

I love Halloween!  It’s just a good, old-fashioned fun kids holiday and I always look forward to it.  I wanted to share with you some of my favorite recipes that I’ve come across lately.  I can’t wait to try these! Saucy Spider with Hair Leg Breadsticks! Isn’t this ADORABLE?!  It’s a pizza dough bread bowl […]

Happy Halloween! (Day 23: A YouTube Video)

My husband shared this on his facebook. I hope you are amused with it as much as I was. I mean, really? How do people do this? So cool! Anyhow. We took the boys to our towns Merchant Trick or Treat on Friday, then had a party yesterday at my brothers, so I don’t even […]

Halloween Sneak Peek

The little town we live in has a merchant Trick or Treat on the Friday of Halloween.  So we got to take the boys trick or treating last night.  It was a blast!  I love living in a little town that does this kind of stuff for the kids.  The only down side to this […]

Bates Nut Farm in San Diego

Last weekend I took the boys to one of my favorite places to go in San Diego, Bates Nut Farm. We always have a great time feeding the animals in the little farm and running around.  The store is full of unique gifts and home made items, bulk candy, seasonings, etc.  There is no entry […]

Celebrate Halloween With Sam’s Club!

I love Halloween!  It’s such a fun holiday, completely pointless and full of candy.  Adults get to have just as much fun as the kids since there is nothing to “believe” in and no age limit on dressing up. This year, Sam’s Club wants to help you with your Halloween celebrating. Sam’s has a website […]

Halloween 2009 Recap

This year, Halloween came and went so quickly I hardly had time to prepare.  I had all these grand ideas and a party planned in my head, but nothing ever happened. No decorations. No creepy food. No spiderwebs. No mummy hot dogs. Wow, I’m really lame. Well, I did put orange food coloring into their […]

iPhone Photo of the Day (10/24)

The boys decorated pumpkins today.