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Wordless Wednesday – Happy Halloween!


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How To Make a Scarecrow


Gabriel thinks I am the coolest mom ever right now.  All because I helped him to make a scarecrow.'s SO easy.  You can make one, too. Supplies: Old jeans/pants Long sleeve shirt (western style, plaid, flannels all work really well) newspaper String, twine, raffia, twist … [Read more...]

I Want a Pumpkin Like That!


I don't have the patience to carve a cool pumpkin.  I always have big ideas and aspirations and once I'm done scooping guts, I'm done.  That's enough effort for me.  But take a look at what these people have done to create some cool pumpkin carvings! It's a Mario Pumpkin!  We LOVE Mario!  … [Read more...]

Fun Halloween Recipes!


I love Halloween!  It's just a good, old-fashioned fun kids holiday and I always look forward to it.  I wanted to share with you some of my favorite recipes that I've come across lately.  I can't wait to try these! Saucy Spider with Hair Leg Breadsticks! Isn't this ADORABLE?!  It's a pizza dough … [Read more...]

Happy Halloween! (Day 23: A YouTube Video)

My husband shared this on his facebook. I hope you are amused with it as much as I was. I mean, really? How do people do this? So cool! Anyhow. We took the boys to our towns Merchant Trick or Treat on Friday, then had a party yesterday at my brothers, so I don't even know what our plans will be … [Read more...]