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{Infographic} Guide to Eating Paleo

I get asked every day about what I’m doing to lose weight (52 pounds people!) and I get blank stares when I tell them that I started eating Paleo.  I try to keep it simple and explain that I eat a lot of vegetables, meat and fruit and to which I almost always get the […]

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Fingers

Probably the best thing about eating a Paleo “diet” is all of the bacon!  Seriously, bacon is awesome and adds so much flavor to food, and, according to many, bacon is actually pretty good for you.   One day, I was happily pinning recipes on Pinterest when I came across these Honey Glazed Chicken and Bacon […]

Clean Eating Vs. Paleo Eating

What is Clean Eating: Eating food in it’s most natural state. Nothing white (flour, sugar, rice, etc). Avoid all things processed and refined. Lean protein and healthy fats (like those from nuts) Lots and lots of organic fruits and vegetables. Shopping for organic and grass fed products. No preservatives, no fast food, no alcohol (gasp!) […]