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Fat Flinging Friday ~ Week 6

Good morning Flingers!  What’s up?  I am happy today.  I checked my scale and am down 6 pounds!  woot!  It’s the same 6 pounds that I’ve gained and lost over the past few weeks, but at least it was a loss today!  I am also very happy to report that I walked 2 days this […]

Fat Flinging Friday ~ Week 5

Honestly, I don’t even want to write this post today.  I’m so frustrated.  I as at the same weight I was last week.  I had a challenge for myslef to get 3 days of exercise in this past week.  I didn’t do it.  Well, yesterday I walked all over hell’s half acre at the San […]

Fat Flinging Friday ~ Week 3

Hey all.  Welcome to Fat Flinging Friday!  My little weekly weight loss support group.  If you are looking for a fun group to hang with and share fat flinging stories, then pull up a treadmill and hang with the monkeys. I would like to announce that I lost 5 pounds!  Woot!  Now, I weighed myself […]

Fat Flinging Friday ~ Week 2

Hey!  Happy Friday!  Welcome to week 2 of Fat Flinging Friday.  My little weekly weight loss support group.  How did everyone do this week? I went to the doctor on Tuesday.  He thinks I am dealing with a little bit of depression.  Go figure.  I’m overweight and it makes me sad.  When I’m sad, I […]